fisher town design


Fisher Town Design provides design and facilitation services for all its projects, as follows:

Site Opportunities & Constraints Mapping
In preparation for a design that meets the needs of the community and connects to the natural features in and near the site, Fisher Town Design prepares a full site analysis.  This analysis documents all of the physical, legal and cultural aspects of the site, which then deeply informs the design process. Locals know more about a site than any professional, so during the public input portions of the design, stakeholders add to the site analysis.

Many elements are involved in designing a walkable community. The public may not be aware of the principles of creating walkable designs, plazas, building types and form-based codes amongst many topics. Fisher Town Design includes education on topics that relate directly to the site planning process.

Site or Master Plans
A Master Plan lays out the streets, parks, building and parking areas. At least 2-3 alternate master or site plans are created typically during a public process such as a charrette. The owner, staff, stakeholders and public input into which site plan will be the best for the site.

Fisher Town Design uses the charrette process to co-create designs and plans with and for communities.  A charrette is a collaborate planning process that harnesses the talents and energies of all interested parties to create and support a feasible plan that represents transformative community change.  It is a 1-2 week intense work session that includes public workshops, stakeholder meetings, interactive exercises and open houses.  The charrette team can include architects, traffic engineers, retail consultants, parking specialists, graphic artists, civil engineers, etc. as needed for each project.

Bilingual Meetings and Charrettes
Fisher Town Design has partnered with a non-profit called Puente in Pescadero and Alfredo Vergara-Lobos to create truly bilingual town planning processes. Our event in Pescadero (a tiny hamlet) had over 80 Spanish-only speakers in attendance. The participation of the entire community is possible with careful bilingual outreach.

Regulating Plans
Master Plans that incorporate design and zoning into one document are called Regulating Plans. Regulating Plans include elements important to creating walkable streets such as building heights, terminated vista locations, civic spaces and required frontage types as well as permitted land uses. The Regulating Plan and SmartCode together ensure that new development takes the form of a walkable public realm.

SmartCodes and Other Form-Based Codes
Fisher Town Design prepares a unified land development ordinance for neighborhoods, downtowns and cities using the DNA of the local communities.  Form-based codes fold zoning, subdivision regulations and urban design standards into one compact document.

"You are such a dream to work with thanks for being such a steadfast partner and inspiration."
~ Kerry Lobel, Former Executive Director of Puente de la Costa Sur, Pescadero, CA